It is my pleasure and honour to introduce SAS Design-Build, a company providing innovative and modern solutions to contemporary issues in our core focus areas, namely Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC). It is my privilege to bring a team of experts in different disciplines of AEC who are ably supported by a very highly competent team in Finance and Investments. These complement of individual talent provide SAS Design-Build a unique window to present its selected clientele with the best and most efficient AEC technology for their current and future needs.

Equally, I am drawn to ensure that SAS Design-Build management team gives its complete commitment to excellence in all the communities it intends to serve. I have great admiration for the talented management team and all individual accomplishments which these individuals have achieved in their previous working life. I will personally support all their efforts to ensure that they get all the needed support that they will need in order to achieve our clients’ expectations.

Lastly, I would like to personally thank the team for an excellent and structured approach to providing all clients the needed services and want to take this opportunity to invite you in developing a successful business relationship with us and to become one of our most important clients. We look forward to serving you soon!

Syed Ali Shah - President & CEO