SAS Design-Build (“SDB”) is about providing services to assist our client by utilising SDB’s “Design Build Collaborative Approach”, translating their vision of design into physical reality. This approach is shared and discussed in minute details with each client using 3D rendition from client’s original idea. The Design Build Collaborative Approach is all about taking on projects that go through rigorous and exacting acceptance testing of projects from the ground up. It is about complete and thorough attention to details at different project development stage comes from some of the best and knowledgeable team members consisting of different subject matter experts who are champions in their respective fields. This approach is unique and is all about teamwork, passion, accuracy to the last degree and carries with it all elements of the “best in class”. It consists of having an eye for detail, anticipating change, risk management and all the other required elements of project management from the project initiation to its satisfactory conclusion. Finally it is about ensuring that the team executes each project with the ultimate aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.