SAS Design-Build is a Canadian incorporated company providing Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) solutions to a myriad of contemporary problems using the knowledge of an experienced management team. Based in Greater Toronto Area in Canada, SAS Design-Build is a company that has local roots with a global presence. Its management team have participated in projects in North America, Middle East and Far East. Tapping the resources of its diverse associates worldwide, SAS Design-Build is all about providing excellent service at costs that are most likely not available easily.

SAS Design-Build (“SDB”) is about providing a cost effective solution to every project that we undertake to do. SDB Mission are:

  • Undertake projects selectively in our core areas and where our core strengths would be utilized

  • Client satisfaction
  • People are our greatest asset so SDB key focus is to invest and develop a strong and robust management team.
  • Focus on projects that will reduce carbon emission, eco-friendly and green projects.